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Life Strategist

Melvine Walker

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AIM2 is an entity in Virginia Beach, VA that serves its clientele by assisting them in bridging their thinking gap, identifying their "success stressors" and eliminating any hidden "vision prohibiters."


"For as he thinks in his heart, so is he," - Proverbs 23:7 AMPC


AIM2 serves as a conduit, which leads to the "original you"!

An individuals' belief system determines the mindset of that person and ultimately predetermines their future. With that in mind, we've committed to providing a road for you that leads to a prosperous future!

Have you ever wondered how much time you have wasted?

Consider these statistics: we have an average life expectancy of 79 years. Of those years, 25 spent sleeping, another 25 in the employ of someone other than yourself, leaving a mere 29 years to complete every other goal in your life. What's more, that 29 years doesn't include the time you spend in front of a television, playing video games, or checking up on your various social media feeds!

Let's unveil what it means to become the real "You."

Well first, we need to consider the five most important questions people typically ask within their lifetime:  Who am I? Why am I here?  What can I do (abilities)?  Where did I come from?  Where am I going?​​

These questions house your entire life's fulfillment and ultimately contain the reason for humanity's existence. Countless men, women, and children from various backgrounds and cultures are on this journey, and it can be disheartening for many of them. Only a chosen few ever discover this invaluable truth.

AIM2 will help you discover the "Gift" hidden inside...

through life strategy,  strategic communication, sessions to promote thought-provoking experiences, and increasing your natural and spiritual profitability. 

Ask yourself this: "Have I come to my pinnacle? Have I reached my summit?"

If you haven't, then the time is now. It's time for an entire lifetime of success to be compressed into one Moment of Impact. It's time for you to prepare for a tremendous collision in history—the quantum moment where destiny and purpose meet and produce an irreversible change. It's time for you to encounter AIM2!

Start thriving NOW…take the AIM2 path!

We'll start with an intense evaluation and diagnosis of the total "you," including your psychological, sociological, and economic ideologies. We'll couple you with mentors who have reaped the same life-changing techniques we're providing you with. And you will finally be able to experience the true synergy of an utterly balanced lifestyle!




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