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Are you ready to have a Face-Off with Yourself?


Life Strategist 
Melvine Walker, 

Founder/CEo of Aim2, LLc

"My passion for humanity is demonstrated in the intentional assessment of how the brain is designed, coupled with God's ability to enable you to become the original you--This is my greatest satisfaction."

What to do To Prepare?


  • Face Offs must be scheduled between June 9th and June 23rd, through VCITA. Please be sure to check your email, and if you need further assistance please reach out to Fredlena Cosby.

  • It is important that you move quickly to schedule your meeting! Once the deadline has been reached, we will NOT make late schedule exceptions for ANY reason.

  • Members that are current in their payments can schedule their Face-Offs at no additional cost. There is a $50 fee to schedule your Face-Off for all others who would like to participate. If you are unsure of your status, please reach out to Fredlena Cosby immediately for assistance.



  • Face-Off sessions will only last one hour, and to prepare for your meeting it is recommended that you review the four sessions of the Leadership Training prior to your arrival.

  • The training recordings are available through our Aim2 Members Circle and were also emailed weekly to those in attendance. Please reach out to Fredlena Cosby for assistance if you cannot access them.

  • Once your Face-Off is scheduled you should begin to consider the topics discussed within the Leadership Track Training and be prepared to discuss them in your meeting.

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Schedule Your Appointment today!

Scheduling Dates

June 9-23


Members- Free

Non-Members- $50

(Due at time of scheduling)

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